San Diego Libertarian Party Endorses Props F & J

The municipal codes of La Mesa and Encinitas both prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries. Proposition F in Encinitas and Proposition J in La Mesa will be on the November 4, 2014 ballot seeking to amend the municipal codes of both cities to authorize dispensaries without size restrictions in non-residential zones as authorized by state law.

On August 14, 2014, the Executive Committee of the San Diego County Libertarian Party unanimously endorsed both measures but with reservations. The propositions are a “step in the right direction” said committee chair Mike Benoit, but impose levels of regulation inappropriate to a free society.

Laissez Faire Fare and the San Diego Transit System

 Laissez Faire Fare and the San Diego Transit System

By Charles Novitsky




  Politicians and regulators never cease trying to convince Americans that they can give us something for less than the free market would charge us. The San Diego trolley and the entire Metropolitan Transit System are one example of a government-subsidized system where riders pay only a fraction of the cost of operating the vehicles.

Who wins and who loses from a minimum wage law?

Recently the San Diego City Council has been debating imposing a minimum wage law on workers and employers within the city limits.



Play The Federal Reserve Game (aka Monetary Theory)

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and play (online) The Federator Game! It's a cute Flash game, meant to illustrate the futility of Federal Reserve (in collaboration with the Treasury) trying to control our economy by manipulating our money. Although the game does not fully illustrate a great many of the economic offenses which assault our money (and therefore our economy), it is fun!



On Education: a letter from one of our members to editor of a local newspaper.

( this letter is from one of our members John Rajcic to the to editor of a local newspaper on the topic of "education)


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