San Diego Libertarians endorse Schwartz for 2nd District Council Seat

The executive committee of the San Diego County Libertarian Party endorses Mark Schwartz for San Diego City Council District 2, the seat being vacated by mayor-elect Kevin Faulconer.

Local victory for gun owners

According to San Diego County officials, “one’s personal safety is not considered good cause” for being issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon. But The U.S.

Fight back against mass surveillance.

Video: Mike Benoit's Seminar on Introduction To Freedom: Bastiat, And The Argument Against Utility.

YouTube Video: Mike Benoit's Seminar on Introduction To Freedom: Bastiat, And The Argument Against Utility.

Mike Benoit gave a compelling and interesting 35 minute lecture at this months "SupperClub", and we have the video here for those that wish to view it, or review it. The lecture covered many important topics for understanding what the essence of freedom is. Also included, is the proper role of government to foster freedom, and the misuse of government power and permissions that constitute tyranny. Governments that become tyrannical no longer operate efficiently with use of public resources, and hurt economic prosperity (i.e., kill jobs), and suffocate our rights.
The wisdom of Economist and political philosopher Fred Bastiat, circa 1850, was shared with the audience, and is also in this video. Viewers are encouraged to read Fred's seminal book on the core of freedom, entitled 'The Law". Hint: Its not actually about jurisprudent law, but the laws of freedom, and humanity, and human rights.


Review Of 2014 SDLP Convention

Your San Diego Libertarian Party, wishes to thank all of You that attended this year's San Diego Libertarian Convention. It was a great chance to see the many freedom supporters. In summary, although there were a few glitches, everything went well. If there are any suggestions, please feel free to email us, comment below, or speak to Mike Benoit.

Our convention started of with a dual presentation by SDLP members Alex Fidel, and Mark Schwartz. The topics were freedom, politics, and insider tips on how to run for various political offices and seats. Both Alex and Mark are candidates running for office in San Diego.

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