Bylaws of the San Diego Libertarian Party

As Modified, January 30, 2016

Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be San Diego Libertarian Party, hereinafter referred to as the Party.

Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of the Party is to proclaim and implement the Statement of Principles of the Libertarian Party of California by engaging in political and information activities and other means consistent with those principles.

Article 3 - Membership

Membership in the Party shall consist of all individuals who have registered with the Registrar of Voters as a Libertarian in the Libertarian Party of California Region 37.  Such members are not permitted to be party officers, nor vote at Libertarian business meetings.  Members who are allowed to be party officers and vote at Libertarian business meetings are those individuals whose application has been accepted by the Executive Committee and are current in payment of dues as specified by the committee.

Article 4 - Organization

Section 1

The officers of the Party shall be an Executive Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary.  The Executive 
Committee shall consist of all officers and all committee chairs as detailed in Article 6.  All Executive Committee members shall be elected at the annual convention of the Party by the general membership, and shall take office immediately upon the close of the convention.  No person may hold more than one elected position simultaneously.  No position shall be held by more than one person.

Section 2

Eligibility for election or appointment to a position on the Executive Committee shall be as follows:

  1. Membership in the California Libertarian Party for the past eleven (11) months
  2. Express a willingness to serve
  3. Have a principle residence in San Diego County
  4. Be a registrant of the Libertarian Party

Section 3

The Executive Committee is charged with the duty of conducting all Party business and may delegate duties to non-officers.  All Party members are permitted to attend Executive Committee meetings, however only Executive Committee members are allowed to vote on motions before the committee.

Section 4

A quorum of the Executive Committee is required to conduct business.  Such quorum shall consist of more than 50% of the number of committee members currently in place.  Vacancies shall be excluded in determination of quorum requirements.

Section 5

Motions voted on at Executive Committee meetings will pass only upon positive votes from a majority of the number of Executive Committee members currently in office.  Absent members may be contacted by telephone or e-mail to obtain their vote.  Written documentation of such votes must be presented to the Secretary for validation.  Motions passed outside of physical in-person meetings expire at the next physical executive committee meeting with a quorum and must be reaffirmed to remain in force.

Section 6

A two-thirds majority of members of the Executive Committee shall be required to pass the following:

  1. Disciplining a Contributing Member
  2. Endorsing or rescinding the endorsement of any candidate for public office
  3. Endorsing or opposing any proposed ballot measure, but rescinding such action shall be considered a normal main motion
  4. Creating an annual budget
  5. Incurring a financial liability or contractual obligation lasting more than three months, or exceeding $500
  6. Providing the Party mailing list to non-Libertarian groups or individuals

Article 5 - Convention

The Party shall hold an annual convention to conduct such business as shall properly come before it, at a time and place approved by the Executive Committee.  Notice acceptable to the Executive Committee must be sent to county members, at least thirty days prior to the convention date, but not more than twelve weeks.

Article 6 - Executive Committee

Section 1

The Executive Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Party.

Section 2

The Vice-Chair shall act as assistant to the Executive Chair and shall assume the duties of the Executive Chair in the event that the Executive Chair is unable to perform them.  The Vice-Chair will also be in charge of the Convention Committee, and may choose to appoint someone else to chair the Convention Committee.

Section 3

The Treasurer shall receive, disburse, and account for the funds of the Party, and shall compile financial statements on the accrual basis of accounting, on a monthly basis.  The Treasurer shall also present an annual report to the membership at the annual convention.  All disbursements must be approved by the Executive Committee, and be substantiated by appropriate documentation.

Section 4

The Secretary shall be the recording and corresponding officer of the Party.  The Secretary will also be responsible for maintaining a membership roster, and providing a monthly report of the current number of members.

Section 5

The Membership Chair shall be responsible for maintaining and increasing the number of members in the Party.  This Chair may choose to work with others or alone.  At a minimum, the Membership Chair shall issue a monthly report of who had joined the Party in the previous month, and whose memberships lapsed in the previous month.  This Chair will be responsible for maintaining a membership renewal notification program.

Section 6

The Publicity Chair shall be responsible for the dissemination of information about the Party to the media and the public, be responsible for the planning and oversight of events held for the benefit of current Party members, and public events held for the purpose of expanding party membership.  This Chair may choose to work with others or alone.  At a minimum, the Publicity Chair shall issue a monthly report of media contacts and events in the previous month and future planned media contacts and events.

Section 7

The Campaigns Chair shall be responsible for coordinating candidate recruitment, training, and support.  This Committee Chair may choose to work with others or alone.  This Committee Chair shall provide a monthly report of Party members who are registered or planning to register to run for elective office, and activities completed and planned to assist Party members in their campaign.

Section 8

To remove any person from the executive committee, a petition signed by (ten) 10 percent of the members of the Party must be submitted to the Executive Committee, which shall call a Special Executive Committee meeting for general membership, within 30 days.  A two-thirds vote of the party members attending the meeting is required for removal.

Section 9

If any vacancies occur in any committee position, then the Executive Committee may, by a majority vote, appoint a temporary replacement until the next annual convention election.

Section 10

If any member is absent for three consecutive Executive Committee meetings, then that person shall automatically be subject to vote for removal.

Section 11

Individuals who are allowed to send and receive communication using the executive committee listserv E-mails must be: (1)  a current member of the Executive Committee, or (2) a current chair of a standing committee, or (3) a Chair or Executive Chair of the Party in past years, and (4) must be a current member of the party.

Article 7 - Procedures

Section 1

The Executive Committee shall not endorse candidates for Party office.  The Executive Committee may endorse candidates for any office to be voted on in San Diego County, subject to a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.  Public announcement of such an endorsement is to be held for a period of 30 days pending request for referendum as described below.  However, a referendum shall be forced if ten members of the party request such referendum in writing within 30 days of such endorsement.  A mail ballot shall be issued and if a majority of those voting in such mail ballot vote against the endorsement, then the endorsement shall not be made.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management of the affairs and assets of the Party in compliance with these Bylaws and any resolutions that may be adopted at the annual convention.  The Executive Committee shall meet at such time and place as may be determined by action of the Committee or by call of the Executive Chair or by the written request to the Chair by one-third or more of the members of the Executive Committee.  Notice of the time and place of all meetings shall be given to each Executive Committee member not less than seven days prior to said meetings.  All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to all members of the Party, and the minutes of the meetings shall be made available to any Party member on request.  Business may be transacted by mail ballot at the discretion of the Executive Chair.  Normal quorum requirements apply to mail ballots.  The results of such ballots shall be entered in the minutes of the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

Section 3

All standing committees shall be defined in these Bylaws.  The Chair of each standing committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and may serve until replaced.  The Executive Committee shall exercise such authority over the standing committees as it deems necessary.  The standing committees shall be:

  1. The Ways and Means Committee.  Its duties shall be to originate and organize fund-raising activities.  The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member.
  2. Bylaws Committee.   Its duties are to recommend changes in the Bylaws.  Changes must be presented, voted on and approved by the general membership at the annual convention.  Changes should be presented to the Executive Committee prior to the convention, but its express approval is not required.
  3. The Political Strategy Committee.  Its duties shall be to evolve strategies and tactics for Libertarian candidates and causes.  It shall also collect and organize information on local issues for the use of endorsed candidates.
  4. Speakers Bureau Committee.  Its duties shall be to facilitate the development of libertarian spokespersons and actively seek speaking opportunities for them, both at county Party meetings and for outside speaking engagements, whether Libertarian sponsored or non-Libertarian sponsored.
  5. Convention Committee.  Its duties are to plan an annual county party convention, present a convention budget proposal to the Executive Committee, schedule speakers, create an agenda, arrange facilities and all other needs for the convention.  All plans must be approved by the Executive Committee.  The Vice-Chair is the default chair of the Convention Committee unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.
  6. LPC Representation Committee.   Its duties are to communicate with and monitor the activities of the California State party and report such findings to the Executive Committee as needed, or at least quarterly.  It will select members to attend LPC Executive Committee meetings.  A budget for travel expenses may be requested from the Executive Committee.
  7. Nominating Committee.   Its duties are to obtain confirmed nominations for members of the Executive Committee, prior to the annual convention, present them at the convention, take additional nominations from attendees, and conduct the election of the new members of the Executive Committee.
  8. Website Committee.  Its duties are to maintain our Party’s internet website.
  9. TV Media Committee.  Its duties are to maintain our inventory of video recorded programs, for broadcast on public access television, and supply the local cable television company with programs to be regularly broadcasted.  The Committee may also record new Libertarian discussion programs.
  10. Newsletter Committee.  Its duties is being responsible for the planning, editing and production of the party newsletter.

Section 4

The Executive Committee may establish and dissolve standing committees as needed.

Section 5

An expense of more than forty dollars cannot be reimbursed, unless the expense was approved by the Executive Committee prior to the payment of the expense by the member.  An exception is by unanimous agreement by the Executive Committee.

Article 8 - Voting

All individuals voting at the annual convention business meeting must be current members of the San Diego Libertarian Party,.  Memberships must be verified upon entrance to the meeting room, to assure that only members will be voting.

Article 9 - Parliamentary Authority

Parliamentary authority shall be Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.  A parliamentarian may be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Article 10 - Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by the registered delegates at any annual convention.  Unless a higher vote requirement is indicated for a Bylaw, then a majority vote is sufficient.  Bylaw Articles 1, 2, 3, 4 (Section 1,2), 5, 9, 10, 11 require a two-thirds vote to be amended.  Amendments take effect immediately upon adoption.

Articlee 11 - Compliance

These Bylaws shall be subordinate to the Bylaws of the Libertarian Party of California.