Executive Committee Meeting


Thursday October 17, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm PDT


Address: 13300 Alpine Dr
City: Poway
State: CA
Zip: 92064


Held every third Thursday of the month, the Executive Committee Meeting is when the Executive Committee discusses the business of the San Diego County Libertarian Party. The meeting is open to members of the public.

Additional Description

Organizer: Brad Richardson

Subject: SDLP ExCom Meeting


Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4740 - (US)

International Dial-in Numbers:

Access Code: 563850


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October, 2019

  • Call to Order

  • Establishment of a Quorum

  • Changes and Approval of Agenda

  • Approval of Minutes

  • Financial Statement

  • Reports

    • Officers

    • Committees

  • Unfinished Business

    • Proposed fundraising plan (Antonio Salguero)

    • Proposed County Bylaws (Robert Fraas)

    • 2020 Convention (Don DeAngelo)

      • Date

      • Budget

      • Green Lantern Contract and Buffet

      • Event Agenda

  • New Business

    • Storage Unit Clean-Out (Brad Richardson)

    • Task Management (Brad Richardson)

  • Other Business (Announcements)

  • AdjournmSan Diego County Libertarian Party


    October 17, 2019



    The meeting was called to order by Chair Brad Richardson at 7:04 pm in the clubhouse at 13056 Alpine Drive, Poway. 


    The Chair announced that there was a quorum present with the following members present:

    Brad Richardson         Chair

    Don DeAngelo                        Vice Chair

    Bob Fraas                    Treasurer

    Joe DePaul                  Publicity Committee Chair

    Also present were central committee members:  Antonio Salguero, Joe Shea & Seth Wilkinson.


    Without objection, “Proposed Major Fundraising Plan” was added to the agenda as the first item under “Unfinished Business”.


    A copy of the corrected draft minutes of the July 18, 2019 meeting taken by Secretary Colleen Guerrero and draft minutes of the August 15, 2019 meeting taken by Vice Chair Don DeAngelo were not available.  Without objection, approval of these minutes was tabled until they are made available.

    On a motion made and seconded, the minutes of the September 19, 2019 executive Committee meeting were unanimously approved as presented.


    Bob Fraas reviewed the 9/30/2019 financial statement.  For the month of September, the party had $37 in income and $87 in expense.  SDLP’s total income YTD was $3,261, YTD expense was $5,131, for a YTD net loss of $1,870.  The combined US Bank/PayPal cash balances totaled $8,297.

    He noted that he has received a copy of needed documentation from Don DeAngelo for the $500 in-kind contribution made for the February 2019 Annual Meeting.  Inasmuch as the donation was made in November 2018, it is not relevant to the 2019 reporting requirements, and the issue is now resolved.


    Publicity Committee – Committee Chair Joe DePaul announced that the deadline for submitting articles for the monthly newsletter will now be the last day of the previous month.  This will allow him to get the newsletter published in a more timely manner.







    Proposed Major Fundraising Plan

    Antonio Salguero presented a draft of an initial fundraising letter to be sent to our mailing list.  The board members reviewed it and have taken it under advisement.  He reported that the county Registrar of Voters provides a disc copy of all registered voters free of charge to registered political parties, as well as updated disc when they periodically become available.  He strongly recommended that the Executive Committee authorize him to obtain a copy at the earliest possible date so that he can more accurately calculate costs for reaching all county registered Libertarian voters.  On a motion moved and seconded, Antonio Salguero was unanimously authorized to obtain a complete voter registration disc from the county Registrar of Voters on behalf of the SD Libertarian Party.

    Following further discussion, and without objection, it was tentatively agreed to have this program ready for launch by the time of the February 2020 Annual Convention.

    Proposed County Bylaws Draft

    Because of other pressing business on tonight’s agenda, Bob Fraas requested that final review of the draft bylaws revision be postponed until the November meeting.  There was no objection.

    2020 Annual Convention Issues

    It was noted that the state party has set their convention date for the same date as our annual county convention.  Without objection, it was agreed to change our annual convention to either February 29th or March 2nd, in that order of preference, whichever is available.

    The committee reviewed the final proposed budget calling for a 3-hour event, with a $65 standard ticket price and a break event point of approximately 60 persons.  On a motion made and seconded, the 2020 annual convention budget was adopted.

    Following review of the revised Green Dragon contract, including $30 buffet option, and on a motion made and seconded, the committee unanimously approved the event contract and authorized Treasurer Bob Fraas to execute it and provide the $500 deposit to reserve the date.

    Following further discussion, and without objection, adoption of the (1) event agenda and (2) pre-event deadline schedule were table until the November meeting.


    Storage Unit

    The committee reviewed Brad Richardson’s recommendation that the rental of the storage unit be discontinued.  Don DeAngelo concurred and volunteered use of storage space at his home, noting that he & Brad had inventoried the contents & disposed of the accumulated junk.  On a motion made and seconded, the committee voted unanimously to terminate rental of the storage unit at a cost of $43/month and move the remaining contents to Don’s home.




    Task Management Issues

    Brad raised the question of whether other avenues of communication were needed among the executive committee members to ensure completion of tasks.  It was agreed that none were needed, and no action was needed at this time.



    Brad noted that no volunteer had stepped forward to fill the Secretary position at this time.


    It was suggested that Brad add Seth Wilkerson’s & Joe Shea’s names to “Slack”.



    There being no further business to come before the Executive Committee, the Chair declared the meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.


    Respectfully submitted,


    Bob Fraas

    (Minute Taker)


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