Executive Committee Meeting


Thursday February 21, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST


Address: 13300 Alpine Dr
City: Poway
State: CA
Zip: 92064


Held every third Thursday of the month, the Executive Committee Meeting is when the Executive Committee discusses the business of the San Diego County Libertarian Party. The meeting is open to members of the public.

Additional Description

For those who cannot attend the meeting in person, we have a conference line set up.


Organizer: Brad Richardson

Subject: SDLP ExCom Meeting


Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4740 - (US)

International Dial-in Numbers:

Access Code: 563850


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San Diego Libertarian Party

Executive Committee Minutes







February 21, 2019

13300 Alpine Drive

Poway, CA  92064














Table of Contents


Call to Order 1

Roll Call 1

Adoption of Agenda 1

Public Comment 1

Officers’ Reports 2

Chair’s Report 2

Vice-Chair’s Report 2

Treasurer’s Report 2

Publicity Chair’s Report 2-3

Secretary’s Report 3

Committee Reports 3

Old Business 3

New Business 3-5

Action Items 5

Next Meeting 5

Adjournment 5

Appendices 6











San Diego Libertarian Party

Executive Committee Minutes

February 21, 2019

13300 Alpine Drive

Poway, CA  92064



Call to Order

Chair Brad Richardson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call

A quorum of the Executive Committee was present with the following voting members:


Brad Richardson, Chair

Don DeAngelo, Vice-Chair

Robert “Bob” Fraas, Treasurer

Joseph DePaul, Publicity Chair

Colleen Guerrero, Secretary


Members not in Attendance: Members connected via Online Web Conference or Dial-In



Ricky Estrada, Outreach Director, Riverside County Libertarian Party

David Naranjo, Current Affiliates Chair, California Libertarian Party Affiliates Committee; and Past Chair, Orange County Libertarian Party


Adoption of Agenda

There were no amendments to the agenda. Adopted with no objections.

Public Comment




Officers’ Reports:

Chair’s Report

Brad Richardson provided an oral presentation: Mimi Robson has direct access to the state membership roster. We are working to use a mechanism for our roster to stay in sync with the state.

Brad, Don, and Joseph checked their availabilities to participate in the April 17-18 Political Economy Week at Palomar College. Send topic ideas to Brad or Joseph. Don will represent SDLP at the event. Please contact Don DeAngelo ([email protected]) if you would like to participate.

Vice-Chair’s Report

Don DeAngelo provided an oral presentation: For the annual convention in 2020, we are planning to again book the Green Dragon Tavern Restaurant & Museum in Carlsbad for President’s Day weekend. Ticket prices could begin at a discounted Pre-Register for $40, or on the event date, $70 at the Door. We are changing the pricing to increase the closer we get to the event date. We also need [to determine] a College Student Discount price.

Don asked if the ticket sales had been compiled from the 2019 event. Yes, ending cash was approximately $1000 with an additional check for $50.

We need a membership chair to gain members.

Peter asked (at convention) for someone to do tables at street fairs.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob (Robert Fraas), new Treasurer, provided an oral presentation. Brad will work on adding Bob to the bank account and will provide copies of statements from 1/01/18 to current. Bob will develop a balance sheet and profit/loss statements. Bob to contact Mimi to discuss filing a fair political practices report with the state. Per David Naranjo, you can file initially to obtain an FPPC # but once you have collected $2000 within a year, you must file regularly.

Bob visited the San Diego Registrar of Voters. They will sell a disc for around $37.40 showing all districts with elected officials so that we can determine what districts our members are in.

Publicity Chair’s Report

Joseph DePaul provided an oral presentation. John and Joseph are creating podcasts. Joseph is working on ways to obtain members, currently focusing less on PR and more on membership.

Joseph is creating a “baby steps” list of what to do. Send your ideas to Joseph ([email protected]) to add to the list.

What can members do to get involved in the San Diego Libertarian Party?

1. Like and share us on Facebook; Re-Tweet us on Twitter.

2. Joseph would like to do at least one charity event per quarter for 2019. In 2018, we participated in the event Feeding San Diego.

3. Write something for the newspaper or letter to the editor. As long as your content is aligned with Libertarian values, add a mention of the party, i.e. “Joe Smith, Member, Libertarian Party”.

4. We need to be published in the voter guide for every city, every elected seat. Joseph will talk with Michael Schwartz and another contact that formerly ran for Poway School Board to research more on city committees and offices. Ricky suggested attending various cities’ Chamber of Commerce meetings to enable face to face time with local office holders.

Joseph and Brad to research how to create a link where a member can type in their zip code and find out who their local representatives are. Mimi Robson also has lists of state registrar data as the state party has an account. Bob suggested that we could send this link to expired members, i.e. Brad could give a query link and send with, or separately from, a reminder to bring your expired membership current.

Motion: Chair Brad Richardson moved to authorize funds (approximately $37.40) to Treasurer Bob Fraas to purchase the San Diego Registrar of Voters district membership list disc, obtained annually or bi-annually. Don DeAngelo seconded the motion.

Vote: The motion to authorize funds to purchase the SD Registrar of Voters district membership list disc Passed unanimously by show of hands/verbal as 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstentions.

Secretary’s Report

Colleen Guerrero, new Secretary, provided an oral presentation. What was the return on investment related to attendance from the 2019 annual SDLP convention? Which advertising resulted in attendees? Some of the attendees came from word of mouth invitations or were existing members. We did not obtain any attendees from the posted flyers at Mira Costa College. Joseph noted that there are members and Facebook contacts who attend only when there is an event.

2019 actions that other San Diego County groups are planning include listening to grassroots of the community, focusing on local issues, continuous contact with members, improving branding and messaging, and conducting more outreach to minority groups.

Committee Reports


Old Business


New Business/Additional Discussion

Group discussion items:

·         Brad discussed the need to hire a paid employee or on a commission basis to do membership and recruitment. Don recommended that their status and compensation be tied to membership numbers increases. To be determined.

·         Joseph announced an upcoming Summer Gala fundraiser. More info to follow in future meetings.


·         Bob recommended creating an internal master calendar of events for planning standing events and special events such as tables at street fairs and costs/fees. Per Joseph it could be opened as a Google calendar by signing in with a Google email. Joseph may create the calendar in Slack.

·         SDLP meetings are still being posted on

·         Per Brad the Richard Reiter account needs to be deleted. Joseph/Don will research it.

·         Ricky uses Instagram in Riverside and obtained 70 new followers by using hash tag #Libertarian. In San Diego, Joseph current uses Twitter and Facebook. Per Ricky, we could use a phone number, Facebook account or email to create an Instagram page.

·         Bob recommends sending an email to registered Libertarians. Ricky suggested care in what email it is sent from and recommended using a different email address to prevent the email from being treated as spam.

·         David Naranjo, Chair, State Party Affiliates Committee ([email protected]), shared information about Orange County Libertarian meetings. They have two social events – North Orange County and Huntington Beach and usually have 6-25 attendees. Ricky Estrada, Outreach Director, Riverside County, shared that Riverside County LP meets the fourth Monday of each month. They are planning to have Temecula and Palm Springs meetings also.

David Naranjo outlined the formation of the State Party Affiliates Committee in January 2019, and the first meeting in February 2019. The membership is mixed (north and south Vice-Chairs and three members from each, to three area coordinators and Vice-Chair for the party). Members will change in April. The purpose of the committee is to identify what support and resources are needed from the state for the affiliates. The committee will send out a survey to gain feedback. Please contact David Naranjo ([email protected]) with needs, ideas or questions.

·         Ricky Estrada asked the San Diego team: Why not be a Libertarian candidate for the ballot? Joseph answered that you have to have around $2750 to file and declare candidacy and we don’t tend to do well in the higher office campaigns, i.e. State Assembly. David Naranjo stated that the party is placing more focus on winning local, county, city and municipal races.

·         Group discussion on candidates like Larry Sharp and positive effects of credible state and national party candidates for Governor and President. This would provide good role models to follow, generate excitement in the party, lift and support lower office candidates, increase public awareness, and add candidates with charisma and web presence.

·         The group discussed the need to fill each open SDLP chair office with a separate person, not as vacant with an acting member, as it is important to have ¾ or 50% of the officers present to have a quorum in order to vote on motions at the meeting.

·         The California Libertarian Party Convention is April 5-7, 2019 in Concord, CA. A delegate to the convention must be registered with the state party, and must be a member 90 or more days. The executive committee nominated Joseph DePaul as San Diego Libertarian Party Delegate.

·         Ricky Estrada presented a scenario for a march and requested feedback. The theme would be “Liberty of Life” with the purpose of protecting life from conception to death. Our group’s feedback was that a march needs to be closely aligned with Libertarian values in order to attract a large number of participants. For this theme, it might be difficult to attract numbers as some Libertarians have different opinions of abortion/anti-abortion and capital punishment/no capital punishment. Ricky also shared different logos, one eagle with red and blue design, and the other with a gold design. The group liked the gold design best.


Action Items

Don DeAngelo will represent SDLP at the April 17-18, 2019 Political Economy Week at Palomar College, San Marcos, CA.

Brad Richardson will work on adding Bob Fraas to the bank account and will provide copies of statements from 1/01/18 to current for development of balance sheet/P&L reports.

Bob Fraas to contact Mimi Robson to discuss filing a fair political practices report with the state.

Joseph DePaul to create a “baby steps” list of what to do to become involved and active in the San Diego Libertarian Party.

Joseph DePaul/Brad Richardson to research the feasibility of an online link where a member can type in their zip code and find out who their local representatives are.

Joseph DePaul/Executive Committee to create an internal master calendar of events to be used by the Executive Committee for planning standing events and special events. It will be posted online in Slack.

Joseph DePaul to attend the April 5-7, 2019 California Libertarian Party Convention in Concord, CA as the San Diego Libertarian Party Delegate.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the San Diego Libertarian Party Executive Committee is scheduled for:

Thursday, March 21, 2019

7:00 PM

13300 Alpine Drive, Poway, CA  92064

The Executive Committee meeting is open to the public.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend via web online at or you can dial in at 605-475-4740, Access Code 563850. Organizer is Brad Richardson, Chair.



Motion: Brad Richardson moved with Don DeAngelo second to adjourn with no objections.

The Executive Committee was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


The Minutes are edited and approved by the Executive Committee via email motion before or upon the next meeting scheduled for March 21, 2019.

Respectfully Submitted,


Colleen Guerrero


San Diego Libertarian Party