Executive Committee Meeting


Thursday April 18, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm PDT


Address: 13300 Alpine Dr
City: Poway
State: CA
Zip: 92064


Held every third Thursday of the month, the Executive Committee Meeting is when the Executive Committee discusses the business of the San Diego County Libertarian Party. The meeting is open to members of the public.

Additional Description

FYI It's in the clubhouse right by the pool.


For those who cannot attend the meeting in person, we have a conference line set up.


Organizer: Brad Richardson

Subject: SDLP ExCom Meeting


Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4740 - (US)

International Dial-in Numbers:

Access Code: 563850


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How it went

San Diego Libertarian Party Executive Committee Minutes April 18, 2019 Revised Final

13300 Alpine Drive Poway, CA 92064

Table of Contents Call to Order

Establishment of a Quorum

Changes and Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Reports - Officers

Reports - Committees

Unfinished Business

New Business

Other Business (Announcements)



San Diego Libertarian Party Executive Committee Minutes April 18, 2019 13300 Alpine Drive Poway, CA 92064

Call to Order

Chair Brad Richardson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Establishment of a Quorum

A quorum of the Executive Committee was present with the following voting members:

Officers: Brad Richardson, Chair Don DeAngelo, Vice-Chair via Dial-In; Robert “Bob” Fraas, Treasurer Joseph DePaul, Publicity Chair, Via Email; Colleen Guerrero, Secretary

Members not in Attendance: Members connected via Online Web Conference or Dial-In

Guests: Joe Shea, Antonio Salguro via Dial-In

Changes and Approval of Agenda-No formal agenda for this meeting. Approval of Minutes Motion Bob Fraas, Seconded by Don DeAngelo. Ayes 3, Abstention 1. Minutes approved.

Reports - Officers:

Chair’s Report

Chair Brad Richardson reported we are now in sync with the state membership roster. We have received the full list. Mimi Robson was reelected Chair of the California Libertarian Party. Brad will work with the new State Secretary on membership dues via an automated system. There will be access to the State roster. Action: Brad to contact the new State Secretary to send monthly membership info on renewals. Changes have been made to the SDLP website. We now send auto-email thank you letters when dues are paid through the website or via manual entry. We will send expiration renewal notices at month eleven. We will also send reminders a month prior to expiration and when already expired. Brad sends e-mails monthly before Executive Committee meetings. We currently have 101 members.

Vice-Chair’s Report

Vice-Chair Don DeAngelo was presenter April 18 at the Political Economy Forum Week at Palomar College. It is a 2-day event where students sign up to attend speakers’ presentations. The full room held approximately 30-40 students. Don presented on PowerPoint and included a Question & Answer session. He made contact with the Youth Leadership Conference and can speak to them together with SDSU, UCSD. The presentation was about 1 ½ hours. The students get it – Don’s presentation was well received.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob reported that there were no changes to the 2018 summary financial statement that was presented at the March meeting.  The PayPal account is under an individual social security number which apparently was changed in April/May 2018.  For that reason, there is no PayPal on-line data available in the (current SS#) account earlier than May 2018 & the compiled account data only includes the US Bank data for the full year.


Bob then reviewed the January-March 2019 financial statement.

Publicity Chair’s Report

John and Joseph are creating podcasts. Joseph is working on ways to obtain members, currently focusing less on PR and more on membership. Send your ideas to Joseph ([email protected]) to add to the list.

Secretary’s Report

Colleen asked about numbers of current memberships. We have 101 currently, with 83 expired. State Convention results. Were there any State bylaws changes? Not yet. Brad noted revision of committee members. We should send one member to the committee meetings. Turning Point USA is an organization for young people who might also be similarly interested in the Libertarian Party. [Turning Point USA organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government]. Affiliate News Feeds. Check out the Los Angeles (LPLAC) affiliate. They are using national and local news feeds on their website HYPERLINK ""

Unfinished Business

We are up to date with Federal, State, Local, Dual membership. Joe commented it is helpful to receive a payment reminder or payment accepted response as it is sometimes easy to forget if the payment was made. We are working to update the membership page. It doesn’t comply with State org or State law. Address requirement – Address is required. Action: Brad to request Mimi’s review on what is needed for address requirements.

Membership Benefits. An insider membership level group could attend pre & post show. They could attend an SDLP podcast before release to the public (audiofile). Time could be blocked out ½ hour before and/or ½ hour after for member discussion. The last ½ hour would be open to a Q & A forum. Only paid members could submit questions.


·         Swag could be given to members at the local convention dinner i.e. porcupine magnets.

·         Antonio did an election analysis when he ran for office to find out how many registered Libertarians voted for him. He got 5576 total votes, which was 2.8% of district vote, which was 1% more than registered Libertarians. There are 15,204 registered Libertarians in San Diego. Reach out and tell them about SDLP.

·         Website Voter List is pending purchase at Registrar of Voters. We need to obtain that list to reach out. We are waiting to purchase until use is determined.

·         Currently the $500 “patriot” membership, $1,000 “Lifetime” membership and $5,000 “Beacon” membership levels are “life” memberships. Bob proposed that these membership levels be given some sort of event discount for their substantial financial contributions. Following discussion, and on a Motion made by Bob, seconded by Colleen, these three “Life” membership levels would be offered 10% discounts to all SD Libertarian Party functions and events.

    The motion was carried unanimously.


New Business

Bob requested authorization to change account to comply with state law as PayPal and bank account are currently under individual SSN. Motion: Don moved, Brad seconded have to file for Fed EIN #, File State of CA, County Political Committee, change PayPal and bank account for legal compliance. Vote: Passed unanimously by show of hands/verbal.

SDLP mail address is currently at the Midway/Rosecrans Post Office. Brad has changed to his home address. It should be a post office box. Should we have a Phone? Yes and No. Antonio used PO Box and used Google phone number. Motion: Bob moved, Don seconded to obtain a post office box. Vote: Passed unanimously by show of hands/verbal.


·         Supper Clubs:  Action - Without objection, Bob would investigate alternative locations for the North County Supper Club.


·         Committee Vacancies: Without objection, it was agreed to discontinue listing committee vacancies in the newsletter and on the website.  Instead, a listing of various volunteer opportunities would be used.

Other Business (Announcements)

Joe volunteered to help update the SDLP website.

Bob reported on the shampoo bottle bill, the move to ban small plastic bottles used for hotel toiletries and travel, [as of April 18 being amended and submitted to committees, per the California Legislature]. We can send an email to members to call their State Representatives. To find out the Representatives and local government members for your area, see ""

Podcasts. See "", “Resources” tab, Click on “Podcasts” or see "" for our latest podcasts.

No other public comment at this time.

Action Items Brad to contact the new State Secretary to send monthly membership info on renewals. Brad to request Mimi’s review on what is needed for address requirements. Brad to obtain a new post office box. Bob to send new North County meetup location for future newsletter. Bob would investigate alternative locations for the North County Supper Club.


Next Meeting

The next meeting of the San Diego Libertarian Party Executive Committee is scheduled for: Thursday, May 16, 2019 7:00 PM 13300 Alpine Drive, Poway, CA 92064 The Executive Committee meeting is open to the public. If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend via web online at "" or you can dial in at 605-475-4740, Access Code 563850. Organizer is Brad Richardson, Chair.

Adjournment Chair Brad Richardson adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m. The Minutes are edited and approved by the Executive Committee via email motion before or upon the next meeting scheduled for May 16, 2019. Respectfully Submitted, CG Colleen Guerrero Secretary San Diego Libertarian Party. Appendices: None