What is a libertarian?

A libertarian is someone that believes that theft, violence, and coercion are wrong, and doesn’t follow that with a but. A libertarian is someone that believes that peace and individual freedom are better than war and collectivism. A libertarian is someone that believes that charity is a personal responsibility and that using government to force your neighbor to contribute to a cause isn’t being charitable.

Aren't libertarians just Republicans that like drugs? or Aren't libertarians just Democrats that like guns?

In short, no. The two major parties make policy based on populism, politics, and feelings. The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. They stand for peace, tolerance, and freedom above political favors and party loyalty.

Are libertarians racist and hate poor people?

No. Libertarians believe in equality under the law. We believe that any laws that treat individuals differently based on race, gender, or other individual traits inherently violate that equality. We also believe that charity and helping the less fortunate is a personal responsibility and that voting to use government to force others to contribute does not constitute real charity. It constitutes theft.

How large is the Libertarian Party?

The Libertarian Party is active all across America. We have affiliates in every state and several hundred candidates on ballots every election cycle.

How can I become a libertarian?

You can become a Libertarian by affirming that you oppose the use of force to achieve political goals. By doing this you are saying that you don’t believe that anyone, including the government, should be able to bully people around…to take their money, their possessions, their lives…to force them to do things against their will. By doing this you are proclaiming your support of liberty, for all people. If you’d like to become a dues-paying member, we welcome you to help us grow our party and give liberty a voice nationwide. For just $25 per year, you can become a Basic Member of the Libertarian Party. More importantly, if you join our political party and become a Libertarian, you will stand with thousands of other Americans who are proudly committed to bringing about true freedom within our nation. To join us, click below.

What kinds of offices do libertarians run for and hold?

There are many Libertarian mayors, city councilors, county executives, county council members, and state representatives. Libertarians proudly serve all across America. During major election years, you can expect many millions of Americans to vote Libertarian. 2016 was an extra special year, with record-breaking numbers. We invite you to be part of this revolution.

What kind of people join the Libertarian Party?

People like you. People who used to be Republicans, Democrats, and independents – from all walks of life. They joined us because they realize that we’re the only political party working for their best interests. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you enjoy, what you do for a living, there are Libertarians just like you. We are probably the most diverse organization in America. What brings us together is our common concern for our basic rights and freedoms. Those who join us realize that, unlike the two major parties, we place your liberties above all else. While the Republican and Democratic parties exist to maintain their own power, we exist to defend your rights…your liberties…to stand up for principle. We will not back down from a bully and we will not make exceptions when it comes to your rights.