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The San Diego Libertarian Party continues our strategy to becoming the largest and most influential party in San Diego County.  We want to restore individual freedom, expand opportunities, and bring integrity back to the political process in San Diego. California needs the ideas of the Libertarian Party, and San Diego is the place to spread them with our large Libertarian leaning demographic.


Help us advance the ideals of liberty by becoming a member and supporting candidates that promote limited government and the protection of personal liberty.



Supper Clubs

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Executive Committee Meeting was held on Thursday, April 18 at 7 PM at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway, CA 92064.


CA State Libertarian Party Convention was a huge success! It took place in Concord, California, April 5-7, 2019. We had 152 delegates register at the convention with 134 delegates on the floor on Sunday morning.



Events: Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on future events to keep our positive momentum going.


May 16 Executive Committee Meeting.  Our business meeting is held at 7 PM. The Executive Committee meeting is open to the public at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway CA 92064. If you are unable to attend in person, you can dial in at 605-475-4740, access code 563850, or via web online at Organizer is Brad Richardson.


San Diego Supper Clubs

Held every second Wednesday of the month, the North County Supper Club is where local Libertarians can get together and discuss current events in an informal setting.  The event generally runs from 7:00-8:30 pm.  Join us at 7:00 pm for a meal or at 7:30 pm for coffee or dessert and friendly discussion.

To encourage your participation, the get-togethers will rotate each month to different locations around North County.  The Wednesday, June 12th meeting will be held at Denny's Restaurant, 540 West Vista Way in Vista (at Hwy-78 & Melrose Drive).  See you there.

May 22 South County Supper Club. Our meeting at the Comedy Palace is held at 6:30 pm at 8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego CA 92123. Mark your calendar and bring friends.



DeMaio Organizing Campaign, Threatening Recalls Over SANDAG’s New Focus on Transit”, Posted by Chris Jennewein on May 9, 2019 in Politics, City News Service. A group of local elected officials and advocates against tax increases launched a campaign Thursday to mobilize public angst against the San Diego Association of Governments‘ recent proposal to increase funding for public transit projects.

Reform California, a political action committee that primarily opposes tax increases, organized the campaign to channel voter unrest over SANDAG’s recent proposal to amend the 2004 half-cent TransNet tax extension, which promised to fund repairs to specific roads around the county, like State Routes 52 and 78. Former San Diego City Councilman and Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio has threatened to recall officials on the SANDAG Board of Directors who vote in favor of the amendment.

County Supervisor Jim Desmond, Santee Mayor John Minto and El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells joined DeMaio at a news conference and released a list of SANDAG Board members who have publicly supported the amendment proposal. ‘It is time that voters band together and speak out loudly to demand an end to the raid on our road repair funds,” DeMaio said. “Any politician on SANDAG that votes to raid our road funds should prepare to face a recall against them and removal from office.’

SANDAG released a revised regional plan April 26 that would change the way goods and people move throughout the county. The plan, which SANDAG officials described as a “bold vision” and  still mostly conceptual, would essentially replace the agency’s 2019-2050 Regional Plan, which had been in development since 2017 and was scheduled to go into effect later this year. The revised plan would increase the use of technology in the county’s network of roadways and increase access to and frequency of public transit to both wean residents off personal vehicles and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. SANDAG officials expect to release more details about the plan later this year and have yet to set anything in stone.

SANDAG Board members and officials from local public transit agencies praised the plan for its efforts to innovate the county’s public transit system. The revision irked some officials around the county, however, especially those representing areas of North and East County that have not yet seen the infrastructure repairs promised in the TransNet extension.

Desmond, who represents North County areas like Vista, Carlsbad, Borrego Springs and Valley Center, called the regional plan revisions a bait-and-switch attempt and argued that roads and freeways are a necessity for residents who live in the county’s non-urban and rural areas. Desmond and fellow Supervisor Kristin Gaspar submitted a letter to the County Board of Supervisors last week calling for the board to oppose any changes to the TransNet extension. The board voted 3-2 to approve the letter, with Supervisor Dianne Jacob joining Desmond and Gaspar in favor.” City News Service

Join Carl DeMaio today by signing the petition to require our road funds only be spent on road improvements! Sign Reform California’s petition now at




ORANGE COUNTY North OC Libertarian, See May events at


May 28, 7:00 PM, Newport Beach Public Library, Sword Mtg Rm 2nd Floor, 1000 Avocado Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA




May – Check out “World News & Information” and “LPLAC News” update feeds on





May 27 Regular Monthly Meeting, 6:30PM, Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant, 540 Sandalwood Dr, Calimesa, CA  92320





May 18 CA State Executive Committee. The newly elected Executive Committee will be starting its term with its second quarter meeting in Riverside, California, on May 18, 2019. The meeting will be held at the Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center, located at 3400 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am. Members for various committees will be selected at this meeting, along with the Platform Committee Coordinator.



July 12-July 28 CA State Fair. The CA State Libertarian Party will be hosting a booth at this year’s 2019 State Fair in Sacramento and need volunteers for this event. Mark Hinkle, and the LPC State Fair Committee, are organizing this outreach project and need your help in introducing fairgoers from across the state to the Libertarian principles of free trade and the individual pursuit of fun! The fair will be held at Cal Expo, 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento; Building D, Booth #582 (air-conditioned!). To sign up for one or more shifts please go to are granted free admission to the fair the day they help out at the booth. Source: Mimi Robson, Chair, Libertarian Party of California, [email protected]







AUSTIN, TX, May 21-25, 2020 National Libertarian Party Convention. [email protected]

Join us at the next Libertarian National Convention. All packages are now available. (Bronze, Silver, Gold) Training Only: Training and breakouts, branded lanyard, after party, lots of speakers, lots of exhibitors, and lots of excitement.

Basic: All of the above, plus swag bag with swag, opening reception with speakers, and entertainment.

Bronze: All of the above, plus one breakfast with speaker.

Silver: All of the above, plus two lunches with speakers and entertainment.

Gold: All of the above, plus Gala ticket with speakers. Welcoming Committee: All of the above, plus sponsorship listing on various media and signage and lots of support for the convention. Torch Club and other VIP events are not included and may cost extra. Source: Daniel E Hayes, Chair, Convention Oversight Committee, 1444 Duke St, Alexandria, VA  22314-3403.






Aenon:  New Mailing Address

We have changed our long-me post oce box in San Diego.  Our new mailing address is:

San Diego Libertarian Party

c/o PO Box 32

Poway CA 92074

Please make a note of this change.


We have changed our long-me post oce box in San Diego.  Our new mailing address is:

San Diego Libertarian Party

c/o PO Box 32

Poway CA 92074

Please make a note of this change

Attention: New Mailing Address

We have changed our long-time post office box in San Diego. Our new mailing address is:

San Diego Libertarian Party

c/o PO Box 32

Poway, CA  92074


Volunteer Opportunities. Contact if you would like to participate in these volunteer opportunities: Campaign/Candidate Recruitment, County Convention (Annual), Newsletter, Media, Membership, Publicity, Speakers Bureau, Website, Other, Events Coordination, Community Activism, Community Liaison, Volunteer Coordination, Historical Preservation, local Volunteer, County Organization Support, State Fair Volunteer.


Addressing Food Insecurity re: “UCSD lets needy know when food is available” (May 7). I applaud UC San Diego and SDSU for their efforts in letting needy students on campus know when there is leftover food available. Why not figure out ways to safely give the excess away? I attend many banquets and convention settings where the portions are too large and much good food goes to waste as the tables are cleared. The more ways we can create opportunities to reduce wasted food and ensure good, safe leftovers are given to those who need it, the better off our society. Instead of emphasis on “food insecurity,” let’s focus as a culture on smaller portions, less waste and creative ways to donate leftover food — this is what SDSU and UC San Diego are clearly doing and should be recognized for." Source: Andrea Ryon, Carlsbad in San Diego Union-Tribune Opinion Page - May 13, 2019





Obtaining Concealed Weapon Permits. Per Luke McCoy for USA on May 2, 2019, “As of this writing, 2450 California Concealed Weapon Permits have been issued in San Diego County. In February 2018, there were only 1,300. That doesn’t mean it is easy to get a CCW issued from the San Diego County Sheriff. But it may not be as hard as you think. California is a one of the nine remaining states or territories that have a “May Issue” concealed carry permit law. Being a May Issue state, the decision on whether or not to issue you a concealed carry permit is up to the governing authority, in this case, the San Diego County Sheriff. There are four requirements that you need to show proof of before the sheriff decided to issue you a CCW or not. But what exactly does “good cause” mean? It may not be all doom and gloom if you are a San Diego County resident. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore has been working with the San Diego County Gun Owners organization to broadly define what “good cause” means. If you read the sheriff’s guidelines for Good Causes, it seems that it could be very restricted. At first glance, it seems to be restricted to people that have had or may have threats of bodily harm or for specific business purposes.” [See San Diego County Sheriff’s website for ‘good cause’ criteria at

 On the San Diego County Gun Owner’s website, they have a Good Cause Worksheet and well as many Good Clause Statement templates applicants can use to hopefully give them a better chance of getting a permit issued. I was quite surprised at some of the examples. While it is still restricted more than a Shall Issue state, it seems that they will issue permits for broader reasons than expected after reading the sheriff’s guidelines for a Good Cause. Some of these example statements are for: Online Retail Business, Business Owner, Mobile Business, Top Security Clearance Risk, Financial Services Professional, Gun Shop Employee, Physical Limitations, Hiking/Camping, Valuable Equipment, Real Estate Agent, Firearms Industry, Jewelers, High Value or Cash Business, Attorney, Private Investigator, Bail Enforcement/Bounty Hunter, Restraining Order, Medical Doctor, Executive Protection Agent, Religious Leader, Transgender, Safety Concerns, House of Worship, IT Professional, Apartment Manager, Travel and Leisure, Overnight Boating Trips, Firearms Experience, Fearful Individual, Cerebral Palsy, Anti-Human Trafficking Job, Personal Risk, Realtor, Contractor. For more details on a specific “Good Cause” listed above, visit the SDCGO website to see how it is worded.”



Intellectual Property: “Invalidated – The Shredding of the U.S. Patent System”, a documentary about “theft, patent invalidation, and the difficulty finding investors for patented innovations.” See the movie trailer at: invalidated-the-shredding-of-the-us-patent-system-trailer


Contact to get news media to stop using bias by omission to create their news programs. The goal of this website is to provide easy to use email petitions that are directed at the advertisers that support ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news programs.




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