August 2019


The San Diego Libertarian Party continues our strategy to becoming the largest and most influential party in San Diego County.  We want to restore individual freedom, expand opportunities, and bring integrity back to the political process in San Diego. California needs the ideas of the Libertarian Party, and San Diego is the place to spread them with our large Libertarian leaning demographic. Help us advance the ideals of liberty by becoming a member and supporting candidates that promote limited government and the protection of personal liberty.


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The Executive Committee Meeting was held on Thursday, July 18 at 7 PM at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway, CA 92064.


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August 14. Held every second Wednesday of the month, the North County Supper Club is where local Libertarians can get together in an informal setting.  The get together generally runs from 7:00-8:30 pm.  Join us at 7:00 pm for a meal or at 7:30 pm for coffee or dessert. To encourage participation, we now rotate each month to different locations around North County.  This month, Wednesday, August 14, we will meet at Tower 13 Cardiff Beach Bar & Grill, 2633 South Coast Highway 101 in Cardiff.  SDLP member & former Libertarian candidate Joe Shea will moderate discussion on “Libertarian candidates for 2020.”

August 28. Held every fourth Wednesday of the month at Comedy Palace, the Metro Supper Club is where like-minded, liberty-minded people can get together and hear about the state of freedom in San Diego County. Hear from local activists, party leaders, and local liberty enthusiasts. New location to be announced soon.

August 15. Executive Committee Meeting.  Our business meeting is held at 7 PM, third Thursday monthly. The Executive Committee meeting is open to the public at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway CA 92064. If you are unable to attend in person, you can dial in at 605-475-4740, access code 563850, or via web online at Organizer is Brad Richardson.  


ORANGE COUNTY North OC Libertarian Party, See June events at

August 2. Punkers for Free Speech Fundraiser. Join us for an evening of free speech & punk rock in Huntington Beach! Support the fight against authoritarianism and encroachments on free speech, while benefitting the Libertarian Party. No RSVP is needed. Just come by and have some fun!

Friday, Aug 02, 7:30 PM – Aug 03, 1:00 AM Surf Dog's Sports Grill (serves food & drinks), 5932 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA

This event will feature five punk bands and comedian Brian Petrasek - come enjoy the show!

Schedule 8:00-8:15 -- MC and comedian Brian Petrasek  8:15-8:45 -- The Pawns 9:00-9:30 -- Knightenders 9:45-10:15 -- The Lovely Creatures  10:30-11:00 -- Wreck'd   11:15-11:45 -- 390  12:00-12:45 -- FALSE FREEDO

There will be raffles and other opportunities to donate to the Libertarian Party. All donations will go to the Libertarian Party of Orange County & the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County.  Enjoy food, drinks, & music - and give to the Libertarian Party. Get ready for a high-energy punk show!  To view the Facebook event:

August 27 LP OC Executive Committee Meeting - August 2019. Location TBD. This is the monthly Executive Committee meeting for the Libertarian Party of Orange County. We will be discussing and voting on new and unfinished business. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please RSVP so we may know how many people are attending to

August 30 Libertarians at The Orange Street Fair, Orange Circle. The Libertarian Party of Orange County will have a booth at the Orange International Street Fair. We encourage everyone to come by for info about the Libertarian Party, to register to vote, or to say hello. This event is free & open to the public. Go to the event website for more info:

Friday, Aug. 30, 5:00 PM – Sunday, Sep 01, 9:00 PM Orange Circle, 75-, 99 Plaza Square, Orange, CA 92866, USA

The Libertarian Party of Orange County will have a voter registration and information booth at the Orange International Street Fair this Labor Day Weekend, August 30th to September 1st. This is an annual event for us and it's always fun to meet & talk to people from all over region. Come by for more information about the Libertarian Party, to register to vote, or to just say hello. We look forward to seeing you there! We're looking for volunteers to help us hand out information and register voters at this event. No matter how much time you can commit, your assistance will go a long way towards growing the  Libertarian Party in Orange County and spreading our message. If you're interested in volunteering for this event, please email us at [email protected] 

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, See, Events at Check out liberty minded businesses at

August 6. Region 62 August Meetup. 7:30PM at Location TBD, Westwood or Culver City. Guest speaker is Mimi Robson, LPC Chair. Free event & free lasagna! Stay updated at the sites!

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, The Riverside County Libertarian Party has meetings planned for you to meet with your fellow libertarians, get involved, and have a great time.  The meetings are held in different locations around the county throughout the month.  The meetings are open and all are welcome.

August 5 Palm Desert Coco's Restaurant 78375 Varner Rd. Palm Desert CA 92211 at 6:30PM on 1st Monday, monthly.

August 12 Menifee Archibald's Restaurant 28881 Newport Rd. Menifee, CA 92584 at 6:30PM on 2nd Monday, monthly.

August 26 Riverside Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant, 540 Sandalwood Dr, Calimesa, CA  92320, 6:30PM on 4th Monday monthly.


ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION. The California Secretary of State has an online voter registration website. You can also use this service to make changes to your voter registration information. To check your status:

2020 CITIZENS REDISTRICTING COMMISSION. The State of California is giving everyone an opportunity to “Shape California’s Future.” They are currently seeking individuals to be on the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission and there’s only nine days left to get your application in! This is a great opportunity for Libertarians to ensure that fair districts are created for the upcoming decade. Every ten years, after the federal census, California must re-establish the boundaries of its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and State Board of Equalization districts to reflect new population data and shifting populations. In the past it’s been the politicians that have drawn these districts but the Voters FIRST Act, which passed in 2008, gave this power to California citizens ensuring that new and fair political boundaries are drawn without special interests, politics and political influence.
California citizens who are eligible may submit an online application to the California State Auditor’s Office during the initial 60-day application period from June 10, 2019, to August 9, 2019. To view eligibility requirements and apply go to:


Call for Candidates. Now is the time to declare interest in running as a Libertarian candidate for office. Dec. 6, 2019 is the Registrar of Voters deadline for ballot inclusion. Contact us at,

San Diego Libertarian Party Podcasts. Informative discussions on current topics and issues. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. 

SDLP Volunteer Opportunities. Contact if you would like to participate in these volunteer opportunities: Campaign/Candidate Recruitment, County Convention (Annual), Newsletter, Media, Membership, Publicity, Speakers Bureau, Website, Other, Events Coordination, Community Activism, Community Liaison, Volunteer Coordination, Historical Preservation, local Volunteer, County Organization Support, State Fair Volunteer.

Reform California Petition. Join Carl DeMaio today by signing the petition to require our road funds only be spent on road improvements! Sign Reform California’s petition now at

Reform California Initiatives: Defend Prop 13 & Fight Tax Hikes Defending Citizen Initiatives Government Union Dues Rebate Voter Verification Gas Tax Repeal Pension Reform

Business Leader Events August 8. Business Leader Breakfast – Avoiding Frivolous Lawsuits and PAGA Claims Against Your Business. Scottish Rite Event Center, 1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA  92108. 8:00AM-9:00AM

August 9. Business Leader Luncheon – Avoiding Frivolous Lawsuits and PAGA Claims Against Your Business. Kimco Staffing, 17872 Cowan Avenue, Irvine, CA  92614. 12:00PM-1:30PM

August 9. Business Leader Breakfast – Avoiding Frivolous Lawsuits and PAGA Claims Against Your Business, Industrial Metal Supply, 8300 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley. 8:00AM-9:30AM

For more info or to RSVP:


Excerpt from Cato Institute, POLICY ANALYSIS NO. 876 Challenging the Social Media Moral Panic: Preserving Free Expression under Hypertransparency, by Milton Mueller, July 23, 2019

“Social media are now widely criticized after enjoying a long period of public approbation. The kinds of human activities that are coordinated through social media, good as well as bad, have always existed. However, these activities were not visible or accessible to the whole of society. As conversation, socialization, and commerce are aggregated into large-scale, public commercial platforms, they become highly visible to the public and generate storable, searchable records. Social media make human interactions hypertransparent and displace the responsibility for societal acts from the perpetrators to the platform that makes them visible. This hypertransparency is fostering a moral panic around social media. Internet platforms, like earlier new media technologies such as TV and radio, now stand accused of a stunning array of evils: addiction, fostering terrorism and extremism, facilitating ethnic cleansing, and even the destruction of democracy. The social-psychological dynamics of hypertransparency lend themselves to the conclusion that social media cause the problems they reveal and that society would be improved by regulating the intermediaries that facilitate unwanted activities.

This moral panic should give way to calmer reflection. There needs to be a clear articulation of the tremendous value of social media platforms based on their ability to match seekers and providers of information in huge quantities. We should also recognize that calls for government-induced content moderation will make these platforms battlegrounds for a perpetual intensifying conflict over who gets to silence whom. Finally, we need a renewed affirmation of Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which shields internet intermediaries from liability for users’ speech. Contrary to Facebook’s call for government-supervised content regulation, we need to keep platforms, not the state, responsible for finding the optimal balance between content moderation, freedom of expression, and economic value. The alternative of greater government regulation would absolve social media companies of market responsibility for their decisions and would probably lead them to exclude and suppress even more legal speech than they do now. It is the moral panic and proposals for regulation that threaten freedom and democracy.”

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Vice Chair                   Don DeAngelo

Treasurer                    Robert (Bob) Fraas

Secretary                    Colleen Guerrero

Publicity Chair            Joseph DePaul
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