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The San Diego Libertarian Party continues our strategy to becoming the largest and most influential party in San Diego County.  We want to restore individual freedom, expand opportunities, and bring integrity back to the political process in San Diego. California needs the ideas of the Libertarian Party, and San Diego is the place to spread them with our large Libertarian leaning demographic. Help us advance the ideals of liberty by becoming a member and supporting candidates that promote limited government and the protection of personal liberty.








Executive Committee Meeting was held on Thursday, August 15 at 7 PM at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway, CA 92064.






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San Diego Supper Clubs




Held the second Wednesday of every month, the North County Supper Club is where local Libertarians can get together in an informal setting.  The event generally runs from 7:00 – 8:30 PM; join us at 7:00 PM for a meal or at 7:30 PM for coffee and/or dessert. 


To encourage participation, get-togethers will rotate each month to three different locations around North County (Cardiff/Vista/Escondido).  The Wednesday, September 11th meeting will be held at the Denny’s Restaurant, 540 West Vista Way, Vista (off Hwy 78 & Melrose Drive).






Held every fourth Wednesday of the month, the Metro Supper Club is where like-minded, liberty-minded people can get together and hear about the state of freedom in San Diego County. Hear from local activists, party leaders, and local liberty enthusiasts. New location to be announced soon.




September 19. Executive Committee Meeting.  Our business meeting is held at 7 PM, third Thursday monthly. The Executive Committee meeting is open to the public at 13300 Alpine Drive in Poway CA 92064. If you are unable to attend in person, you can dial in at 605-475-4740, access code 563850, or via web online at Organizer is Brad Richardson.






Around President’s Day in February of each year the San Diego Libertarian Party hosts a fun evening with dinner, guest speakers, then followed by a business meeting where the dues-paying members of the County Central Committee in attendance elect the members of their Executive Committee for the next year & such other business as is included in the agenda. 


The Executive Committee is gearing up this February event and expects it to be the biggest & best event ever.  They are currently in the process of finalizing a budget & putting together the organizing committee that will handle various elements of the event.  Volunteers are needed NOW, AS WELL AS LATER, to help in a number of areas:  welcome/registration, set-up, decorations; ad sales, printing, to name just a few.  If you are willing to help with this once-a-year event, please contact us via the form at at the earliest possible date.








ORANGE COUNTY North OC Libertarian Party, See Events at
















September 28 (Not a Libertarian-sponsored event)



Make America Laugh Again - Dinner & Comedy Social Event

Saturday, September 28, 2019


The Phoenix Club
1340 South Sanderson Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92806
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Where else but the Make America Laugh Again Social Event can you spend a whole evening enjoying a great dinner with hilarious stand-up comedy and like-minded conservatives? This is a social event intended to foster conversation about how to get involved and active in the upcoming 2020 Presidential, National, and Statewide elections. What makes the event truly unique is that they will be highlighting conservative comedians!

What You’ll Experience

·         A full 3-course meal

·         An opportunity to meet other influential people in the community during the pre and post social mixers

·         Find out how to get involved in the upcoming elections

·         Fun night out with an Emmy Award-winning Comedian as the headliner

·         Plus plenty of time to mingle and enjoy yourself!



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The Riverside County Libertarian Party has meetings planned for you to meet with your fellow libertarians, get involved, and have a great time.  The meetings are held in different locations around the county throughout the month.  The meetings are open and all are welcome.

September 2 Palm Desert
Coco's Restaurant 78375 Varner Rd. Palm Desert CA 92211 at 6:30PM on 1st Monday, monthly.

September 8 Menifee
Archibald's Restaurant 28881 Newport Rd. Menifee, CA 92584 at 6:30PM on 2nd Monday, monthly.




September 23 Riverside
Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant, 540 Sandalwood Dr, Calimesa, CA  92320, 6:30PM on 4th Monday monthly.








ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION. The California Secretary of State has an online voter registration website. You can also use this service to make changes to your voter registration information. To check your status:












The Libertarian Party is unique among the major political parties in California in that any registered Libertarian voter is eligible to become a voting member of the county Central Committee, which is the official party in San Diego County. 


By paying a membership fee, you are eligible to vote for the representatives that form the Executive Committee, the party’s governing body in San Diego County.  This gives you a direct say in the governance of your local party.  Also, your membership fee is split with the California Libertarian Party, so you also become a member of the state party.  It’s a great two-fer!


Membership levels are as low as $25 per year.  Go to our website ( & join the effort today!!




Call for Candidates. Now is the time to declare interest in running as a Libertarian candidate for office. Dec. 6, 2019 is the Registrar of Voters deadline for ballot inclusion. Contact us at,




Aenon:  New Mailing Address


We have changed our long-me post oce box in San Diego.  Our new mailing address is:


San Diego Libertarian Party


c/o PO Box 32


Poway CA 92074


Please make a note of this change.


We have changed our long-me post oce box in San Diego.  Our new mailing address is:


San Diego Libertarian Party


c/o PO Box 32


Poway CA 92074


Please make a note of this change


San Diego Libertarian Party Podcasts.


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SDLP Volunteer Opportunities. Contact if you would like to participate in these volunteer opportunities: Campaign/Candidate Recruitment, County Convention (Annual), Newsletter, Media, Membership, Publicity, Speakers Bureau, Website, Other, Events Coordination, Community Activism, Community Liaison, Volunteer Coordination, Historical Preservation, local Volunteer, County Organization Support, State Fair Volunteer.






September 14 Election Integrity Project California – Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted


Update Meeting - ESCONDIDO  Come hear exciting new information and


 what's going on as we head into the Primaries in March.


Sunday, September 14, 11:30 a.m.


Come early if you want to order some of Mike’s yummy BBQ to eat during the meeting!!


Location: Mike’s BBQ Mesquite Wood Grill, 1356 W. Valley Parkway, Escondido, 92029




September 18 San Diego County Gun Owners Monthly Meeting for North County – To be held Wed. Sept. 18 from 6 to 8 pm, Venue TBD. There are CCW seminars and other interesting events. Check out their website for more details at




Reform California Petition. Join Carl DeMaio today by signing the petition to require our road funds only be spent on road improvements! Sign Reform California’s petition now at




Reform California Initiatives: Defend Prop 13 & Fight Tax Hikes, Defending Citizen Initiatives, Government Union Dues Rebate, Voter Verification, Gas Tax Repeal, Pension Reform




Business Leader Events No events listed yet for September. For more info or to RSVP:






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Executive Chair          Brad Richardson


Vice Chair                   Don DeAngelo


Treasurer                    Robert (Bob) Fraas


Secretary                    Colleen Guerrero


Publicity Chair            Joseph DePaul




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