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Hello fellow Libertarians! Welcome to this month's newsletter!

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Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday October 17th 2019

7:00 pm to 9:00pm

13300 Alpine Dr Poway, CA  92064

Held every third Thursday of the month, the Executive Committee Meeting is when the Executive Committee discusses the business of the San Diego County Libertarian Party. The meeting is open to members of the public.

Metro Supper Club

Wednesday October 23rd 2019

At the Comedy Palace

6:30 pm to 7pm Meet and Greet

7pm to 9pm Meeting

8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA  92123
Held every fourth Wednesday of the month at Comedy Palace, SDLP Supper Club is where like-minded, liberty-minded people can get together and hear about the state of freedom in San Diego County. Hear from local activists, party leaders, and local liberty enthusiast.



The Libertarian Party is unique among the major political parties in California in that any registered Libertarian voter is eligible to become a voting member of the county Central Committee, which is the official party in San Diego County. 


By paying a membership fee, you are eligible to vote for the representatives that form the Executive Committee, the party’s governing body in San Diego County.  This gives you a direct say in the governance of your local party.  Also, your membership fee is split with the California Libertarian Party, so you also become a member of the state party.  It’s a great two-fer!







County Executive Committee Declares Secretary Position Vacant


The Executive Committee has received the resignation of County Secretary Colleen Guerrero and has declared the position of Secretary as vacant.  We understand the reason for her resignation was that she was over-extended with other family and volunteer obligations.  The Executive Committee would like to extend a grateful thank you to Colleen for all her hard work both as secretary & newsletter editor since February.  We will miss her contributions & wish her well with all her other endeavors.


The position of Secretary is an elected position.  All officers, including Secretary, are elected annually at the County Convention of each year.  Any paid member who is interested in volunteering for this position (as a voting member of the Executive Committee) for the remaining term of office, should contact County Chair Brad Richardson at [email protected].