On The Issues

Prop 68 : Environmental Bonds ($4 billion)

Position: No

Reasoning: Non-specific, large debt obligation to taxpayers.

Prop 69: Gas Tax Shenanigans

Position: No

Reasoning: While the SDLP supports the idea of earmarking funds already collected, we cannot support this measure because it is being used as a way of raising other spending limits by causing these transportation funds not to be counted against those limits.

Prop 70: Cap-and-Trade Funds Locked Up

Position: Yes

Reasoning: While this does nothing to reduce the taxes and regulatory burden of the Cap-and-Trade system, it does restrict the ability of the State to spend that money.

Prop 71: Date Ballot Measures Take Effect

Position: No

Reasoning: This gives the Secretary of State the ability to delay publicly approved ballot measures without recourse. In addition, this is an attempt to amend the State Constitution, without any demonstrated problem for which this is necessary.

Prop 72: Exempt Rainwater Collection From Tax Assessments

Position: Yes

Reasoning: This is the least intrusive way of encouraging Californians to save water.

Measure A: Chula Vista Sales Tax Increase

Position: No

Reasoning: New taxes are unnecessary.

Measure B: National City Term Limits

Position: No

Reasoning: Allows the mayor to extend his term beyond even the current term limits.

Measure C: National City Term Limits

Position: Undecided

Reasoning: If you are in favor of term limits, this applies them to the City Council, Clerk, and Treasurer.

Measure D: Repeal Fire Tax

Position: Yes

Reasoning: Lower taxes is a good thing.